Weekly Bird Identification Quiz

September 5 - September 15, 2013

Bird Quiz #175

How to Identify:
It is a little hard to pick up field marks on this bird since it is in poor light but we are able to see enough to identify it. Looking at the posture of the bird and the shape of the bill should help us decide that this must be some species of vireo. From there, you can see a dark cap and a dark eye-line as well as a white breast with yellow sides. All of these field marks should lead you to identify this as a Red-eyed Vireo.

Answer: Red-eyed Vireo
Photo Location: Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, IN
Photo Date: August 2013

Correct Answers:
Cederic Duhalde, Arcata, CA
Ethan Rising, Cincinnati, OH
Joshua Renshaw, Indianapolis, IN
Chuck Anderson, Zionsville, IN
Katie Boord, Olive Branch, MS
Landon Neumann, Logansport, IN
Matthias Benko, Indianapolis, IN
Steve Bell, Bloomington, IN
Greg Majewski, Fort Wayne, IN
Aidan Rominger, Indianapolis, IN
Carleen Margaret, Kimberley, BC
Mary Ann Anderson, Wauseon, OH
Patty MacLean

Other Answers:
Warbling Vireo - 1
Philadelphia Vireo - 1
Swainson's Warbler - 1