Waikamoi Preserve

Kula, Maui, Hawaii

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Waikamoi Preserve is a Nature Conservancy property that is located on the slopes of Haleakala. The 5,200 acre property is home to 12 species of native birds, 7 of which are endangered. The property was aquired through a permenant conservation easement in 1983. One of the biggest improvements that the Nature Conservancy has made recently was the instillation of a fence to keep out introduced mammals. The property once faced a major threat from feral pigs that were eating all of the understory. With the fence and an aggressive removal program, they are no longer found at Waikamoi at all. Access to the property is strictly controlled. In order to visit the property, you will have to join one of the hikes offered through the national park.

Specialty Species:

Kiwikiu (Maui Parrotbill) - Waikamoi Preserve is the best and most accessible place in the world to find this critically endangered species. While you are not guaranteed to see this species it is likely that you will.

Hawaii Amakihi - This species is realtively common on the property.

Maui Alauahio - Alauahio is not quite as rare as the Kiwikiu and the Akohekohe but it is less likely to be seen than the other honeycreepers.

I'iwi - This iconic bird of the Hawaiian Islands is quite common within the preserve.

Akohekohe - Just like Kiwikiu, this species is critically endangered and Waikamoi Preserve is the best plae in the world to see it. There are more Akohekohe left than Kiwikiu so you are more likely to see this species in the preserve.

Apapane - This is the most common native species on the preserve. They can be heard singing at almost all times as you hike around the property.

Where to Bird:

Access to the preserve is by special permit only. In order to bird on the preserve, you must join one of the hikes that are offered by Haleakala National Park. Be sure to get on the hike that goes to the Rose Gardner Memorial Boardwalk. Contact the park for the hike schedule. All hikes meet at Hosmer Grove in Haleakala National Park.


None Posted


None but you must pay the entrance fees at Haleakala National Park in order to access this location.


The trails are extremely rugged and not accessible.


There are many trails through the preserve and it would be easy to get lost without a proper guide.




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