Ogden Dunes Pinery

Ogden Dunes, IN

When to Visit:
January - Most ProductiveFebruary - Most ProductiveMarch - Most ProductiveApril - Less ProductiveMay - Less ProductiveJune - Less ProductiveJuly - Less ProductiveAugust - Less ProductiveSeptember - Less ProductiveOctober - Most ProductiveNovember - Most ProductiveDecember - Most Productive

This site is situated in the far northwest corner of the small community of Ogden Dunes. It is well known for attracting winter rarites such as Bohemian Waxwing, Varied Thrush and Spotted Towhee. Local birders tend to keep a seed pile going to keep the rarites coming!

Specialty Species:

This area gets many rarites in the winter but the species present vary from year to year. Some possibilites include:

This list is by no means all inclusive and this location is always worth stopping at during the winter months.

Where to Bird:

This location is best birded by following the main trail around the lake and exploring any side trails. From the parking lot, come down the wood steps and take the path off to the left. If a seed pile is present in the winter, it will be over near the fence indicating the end of the property. Follow the trails around the pond.


No posted hours




The soil is rather sandy in this location and is not good for hiking if you have mobility issues.


There is one main trail around the pond and several small side trails.

Non-birding Equipment Needed:

Length of Visit:

1-2 Hours




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None Available - Google Map of the location.

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