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Common Poorwill

Our quiz bird is very obviously a nightjar of some species. Sometimes nightjars can be difficult to identify but luckily there are a number of clues we can use. The shape of this bird is a good place to start. Our bird is small bodied and large headed. Comparing the length of the tail and […]

New Bird Quiz Posted

We have now posted our bird quiz for the second half of October. Everyone did a great job identifying the Hermit Thrush that was our quiz bird for the first half of the month and we had 14 correct answers! Be sure to submit your answers for the current quiz by the October 31. Submit […]

September Bird Quiz Results

Northern Parula Red-eyed Vireo Rob writes: Our September bird quiz series has come to a close. We had a large number of participants and many right answers! Overall, 8 people got both quizzes correct and our randomly chosen winner from the correct answers is Chuck Anderson from Zionsville, Indiana. Congratulations, Chuck! Be sure to check […]

It’s Time for Another Bird Quiz

Rob writes: We had a lot of responses to our last bird quiz and now it is time for our quiz for the second half of September! Do you know what it is? Submit your answer here To see the answer to the last quiz and to find out if you got it right, follow […]

The Bird Quiz is Back!

While we have been working hard on an update to, the bird quiz has taken a back seat to everything else. Today, I had a chance to get a new quiz set up on the website for everyone to participate in. We will post 2 quizzes during September and will draw a winner on […]

Answer to Bird Quiz #173 – Wandering Tattler

We had a lot of answers to our first bird quiz for June and almost everyone was able to figure out what the species was! Last Week’s Quiz: How to Identify: The bird in this photo is quickly identifiable as a shorebird species. The plain gray back, chest and wings, bright yellow legs, and slight […]

Answer to Bird Quiz #172 – Blackburnian Warbler

We offered one bird quiz during the month of May and got a ton of submissions and almost everyone got the answer correct! Out of the 23 correct answers, Jeremy Davis from Mukilteo, WA was selected randomly as the winner of a t-shirt. Previous Quiz: How to Identify: At first, it my seem that there […] May Bird Quiz

Rob writes: Since I have been focused on the Biggest Week in American Birding and have not updated the bird quiz in several weeks, I have decided to offer just one quiz in May. The bird below will be our quiz bird for this month and you can enter the contest by submitting your answer […]

Answer to Bird Quiz #167 – Red Knot

This final quiz in our March series was quite tricky. We only got 2 correct answers this time! A winner for March will be contacted soon. Last Quiz: How to Identify: This week, our bird is quickly identifiable as some species of shorebird.  The gray head and back eliminate many species right off the bat. […]